Black Sabbath are generally considered both the first heavy metal and doom metal band. Originally they were called Polka Tulk (featuring a saxophonist and slide guitarist in their line-up) before changing to Earth, a name they had to change again because of confusion with another band of the same name. They may have also went by the name The Earth Blues Company in their pre-Black Sabbath days.

Originally, they started as a blues-influenced hard rock group, but as they progressed they added more European folk elements to their sound, a sound that wasn't like any other group during their time. Thus, this was known as heavy metal, and in due time, the band became what is now known as doom metal. Their lyrics dealt with darker issues than most conventional rock as well.

Accordingly, the "doom" genre name came from their "Paranoid" release, with the song called "Hand of Doom." Stoner metal is another sub-genre that is a direct descendant from this band.

The "Mob Rules" line-up of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice reunited in 2007. Rather than using the Black Sabbath name (as the original line-up is still officially in place), they are called Heaven and Hell (Gbr), after the first Dio-era album. DO NOT CHANGE THE BLACK SABBATH LINE-UP TO REFLECT THIS! Three new tracks were recorded for a compilation album of Dio-era Sabbath material before they officially reformed under the Heaven and Hell name.

Former touring keyboardist Adam Wakeman is the son Rick Wakeman, of the progressive rock band Yes, who played on one song on the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" album as a guest musician.

Dave Spitz is the brother of Anthrax's guitar player Dan Spitz.

On May 13th 2006, Black Sabbath were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, becoming arguably the first heavy metal band to receive that honor.

In 02/12/2011, denying speculations made by the singer Ozzy Osbourne in recent inerviews, Geezer Butler stated in his offical website that it won't be any Black Sabbath reunion "whether to record an album or to tour".

Also released:
When I Came Down Demo, 1969
Earth demo Demo, 1969
Second Black Sabbath demo Demo, 1969

Do not add the "Eighth Star" bootleg.

Born Dates:
John Osbourne (3rd December 1948 Aston, Birmingham UK)
Anthony Iommi (19th February 1948 Aston, Birmingham UK)
Terence Butler (17th July 1949 Aston, Birmingham UK)
William Ward (5th May 1948 Aston, Birmingham UK)
Brian May (19th July 1947 Hampton, Middlesex UK)
Rick Wakeman (18th May 1949 Perivale, London UK)
Donald Airey (21st June 1948 Sunderland UK)
Dave Walker (25th January 1945 Walsall, Staffordshire UK)
Ronnie James Dio (10th July 1942 Portsmouth, NH) R.I.P. 16th May 2010, stomach cancer
Ian Gillan (19th August 1945 Hounslow, London UK)
Ron Keel (1961)
Glenn Hughes (21st August 1952 Cannock, Staffordshire UK)
Ray Gillen (12th May 1959 New York, NY) R.I.P. 1st December 1993
Anthony Martin Harford (19th April 1957 Birmingham UK)
Rob Halford (25th August 1951 Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham UK)
Vinnie Appice (13th September 1957 New York, NY)
Bev Bevan (25th November 1944 Sparkhill, Birmingham UK)
Eric Singer (12th May 1958 Cleveland OH)
Terry Chimes (25th January 1955 Stepney, London UK)
Colin Flooks (Cozy Powell) (29th December 1947 Cirencester, Gloucestershire UK) R.I.P. 5th April 1998
Robert Rondinelli (27th July 1955 Port Jefferson, NY)
Mike Bordin (27th November 1962 San Francisco, CA)
Shannon Larkin (24th April 1967 Chicago, IL)
Bob Daisley (13th February 1950 Sydney, AUS)
Neil Murray (27th August 1950 Edinburgh, Scotland)
Dave Spitz (1st April 1955 New York City, New York, USA)
Geoff Nicholls (28th February 1948 Birmingham, England)

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