Dark Tranquillity formed in 1989 as Septic Broiler before changing their name in 1991. They are considered to be one of the earliest pioneers of the Gothenburg melodic death metal style.

They have kept a mostly consistent line-up. Rhythm guitarist Mikael Stanne switched to vocals after Anders Fridén''s departure. When his replacement Fredrik Johansson left in 1998 bassist Martin Henriksson took up guitar duties and Michael Nicklasson came in on bass. They also added "electronics" man Martin Brändström at this time. Michael Nicklasson left the band on 23rd of August 2008.

The band name is often misspelled as "Dark Tranquility," which, while also correct English, is not the correct spelling as pertaining to the band.

Guitarist Niklas Sundin is also known for his graphic design album artwork.

Dark Tranquillity appears on:
The Four Horsemen - A Tribute to Metallica, playing the song "My Friend of Misery"
A Tribute to the Beast, playing the song "22 Acacia Avenue"

Birth dates:
Mikael Stanne (28th May 1974, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Niklas Sundin (13th August 1974, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Martin Henriksson (30th October 1974, Sweden)
Anders Jivarp (18th July 1973, Sweden)
Anders Fridén (25th March 1973, Gothenburg, Sweden)
Fredrick Johansson (21st July 1974, Gothenburg, Sweden)

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Melodic death metal.