Split up in October 2011.

Line up photo (from left to right): Tobias, Thomas, Matti, Martin, David.

The band's long-enduring logo was created by Nicke Andersson from Entombed.

In 1991, Dismember made headlining news in the UK for having a song called "Skin Her Alive" on their Like an Ever Flowing Stream debut. Accordingly, while authorities were inspecting Nuclear Blast packages for any "obscene" material under the newly passed Obscene Publications Act. In short, this was taken to court and Plastic Head (the company responsible for distributing their CD's) won the court case and was awarded money where the Dismember record was deemed neither "pornographic, obscene or indecent".

Richard Cabeza was removed from the band due to distance issues. Richard went down to Texas during the recording of "Where Ironcrosses Grow" because that is where his wife lives and she was pregnant at the time. Cabeza and his wife planned on moving back to Sweden and having the baby born there. For some reason, Swedish immigration would not allow it. The distance became an issue for the band, and Richard Cabeza was replaced by Johan Bergebäck.

According to an old interview, the band had originally used multiple band names amongst them Asphyxiator; Nicke Andersson came up with the name Dismemberizer, but as the name didn't fit on the first demo, so the band shortened it to Dismember.

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