Black Metal band from Greece.
Necromantia is a Latin word which derives from the
Greek and means "divination of the dead".
Their aim was to create original, powerful and innovative Diabolical music, replacing the usual 6-string guitars with 8-string bass! Their first recordings earned them a cult status in the scene since they were very original, ritualistic and utterly sinister! NECROMANTIA never hesitated to use “non -metal” instruments like: saxophone, percussions e.t.c. in addition to their standard metal orchestrations. And that option made them unique and established their own sound.

George Zaharopoulos is a well known person in the Greek Metal scene. He was responsible (together with Andreas Stasinopoulos) for the Greek Metal magazine "Metal Invader" and worked as a sound engineer, producing the second album of Rotting Christ. He further was, together with Andreas Stasinopoulos, the boss of the Greek label Black Lotus Records and currently they are the managers of Soundforge distribution company

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