We formed in 1999 under the monicker 666. By 2001 we changed it to Branded 666 and became the trio that eventually recorded the debut CD. We never did a formal demo of any kind. By 2007 we had recorded a debut CD, changed our bandname to Taghut, found a label (Primitive Reaction Records) and unleashed our debut CD "Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an" in 2008. We have the CD for sale from us directly, or you can buy it from Primitive Reaction Records (based in Finland). As of January 2009 the debut CD is now available in a beautiful gatefold VINYL with all the lyrics and the cover picture showing a cum-sprayed Qur'an. I won't post the picture here since that MIGHT be why our previous profile was deleted. So much for freedom in America. Back in September 2008 our bassist T. Matthews, and one of the original founding members of TAGHUT, committed suicide. R.I.H. 1978 - 2008. TAGHUT is also now featured in the new February 2009 issue of Metal Maniacs Magazine in the Fast Forward section with an interview with The Antichrist. If you want to read the lyrics to the songs posted (and all the lyrics on the album) then visit our angelfire site (http://taghut.angelfire.com) and follow the link to the LYRICS. If we post them here we might get deleted again.
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January 29, 2009
The Antichrist - Vocalz/Guitarz, Luke Angelo - Drumz, and T. Matthews - Bazz (R.I.H. 1978-2008)
old Beherit, Profanatica, old Slayer, old Morbid Angel, old Deicide, Dark Throne, Possessed, Bathory, old Terrorizer and anything perversely blasphemous.

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Anti-islam black metal.
Anti-islam black metal.