...AND OCEANS: Cosmic World Mother

...AND OCEANS : Cosmic World Mother ...AND OCEANS
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1.The Dissolution of Mind and Matter04:09
2.Vigilance and Atrophy04:38
3.Five of Swords05:02
4.As the After Becomes the Before05:13
5.Cosmic World Mother04:37
7.Oscillator Epitaph03:54
8.In Abhorrence upon Meadows02:29 instrumental
10.One of Light, One of Soil03:17
11.The Flickering Lights05:24


Comes with a deluxe 24-page booklet.

Recording information:

Drums and bass recorded with the SoundSpiral Audio mobile studio in October 2019.
Guitars recorded at Wolfthrone Studios in October 2019.
Keyboards recorded at Ryijy's cave in October 2019.
Vocals recorded at SoundSpiral Audio in October 2019.
Mixed and mastered at Wolfthrone Studios in October 2019.