AOSOTH: V: The Inside Scriptures

Label: Agonia
AOSOTH : V: The Inside Scriptures AOSOTH
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1.A Heart to Judge08:43
2.Her Feet upon the Earth, Bearing the Fruits of Blood05:17
3.The Inside Scriptures07:59
4.Premises of a Certain End07:00
5.Contaminating All Tongues08:36
6.Silver Dagger and the Breathless Smile08:36


"V: The Inside Scriptures" is a closing chapter of AOSOTH's musical and lyrical concept. Distinctive and downright suffocating, the album shows many differences to "III" and "IV: Arrow In Heart", the two previous full-length releases, especially in terms of atmosphere. The recordings took nearly three years and were interrupted by many events in the personal lives of Bst and MkM. At some point, the album was about to be abandoned and never released.

Recording information:

Drums recorded by T. at Hybreed Studios.
Other instruments recorded at BST Studios.
Mixing and mastering at BST Studios.

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