ARMOUR: Liquid Metal Decade

ARMOUR : Liquid Metal Decade ARMOUR
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1. Speeding into the Night
2. Swing of the Axe
3. Lick the Blade
4. Love Crime
5. Heavy Metal Drinkers
6. Highway Survivor
7. White Tiger
8. Lucifer
9. Hellfire
10. Dogz
11. The Time Is Right
12. Hellfire
13. Death Threat
14. No Heaven

1-5. Taken from the "Sonichouse Tape" demo
6-8. Taken from the "Koduku no Warrior" single
9-10. Taken from the "Blitzkrieg Warrior" single
11. Is an unreleased rough mix from the self-titled debut album
12. Taken from the "Can't Resist Your Spell / Hellfire" single
13-14. Taken from the "Death Threat / No Heaven" single

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