BLACK WITCHERY: Inferno of Sacred Destruction

Label: Osmose
BLACK WITCHERY : Inferno of Sacred Destruction BLACK WITCHERY
digi cd+dvd: 19.90€ (Sold out)
Digibook version limited to 1044 copies.

Cd comes with a 20 page booklet featuring artwork for each track and a live DVD
with multi-angle footage & soundboard audio, entitled "Live Ritual of Chaos -
Live Helsinki 24/10/09"

01. Crush the Messiah
02. Blasphemous Onslaught
03. Command of the Iron Baphomet
04. Heretic Death Call
05. Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
06. Blood Oath
07. The Angelholocaust

1.Holocaustic Church Devastation04:28
2.Antichrist Order of Holy Death02:42
3.Apocalyptic Carnage02:59
4.Barbarism Domination01:53
5.Inferno of Sacred Destruction03:58
6.Kingdom Against Kingdom (Conqueror cover)02:09
7.Sepulchral Witchcraft02:05
8.Ascension of the Obscure Moon04:00

Total playing time 24:15

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