EVIL: Revenge of Iron and Thunder

EVIL : Revenge of Iron and Thunder EVIL
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1.Evil Storming Onwards to the Battlefield01:42 instrumental
4.March of Barbarians02:23 instrumental
5.Battle South Pride04:23
6.The Triumph of Iron and Thunder01:07 instrumental
7.From the Black Horde of Pure Evil03:33
8.Outro01:25 instrumental
9.The Hammer Falls in the Southern Lands 02:47
10.Triumph of Sword 05:35
11.Horns Reflect On My Witchsteel 02:59
12.To Die With Honour and Loyalty 05:41
13.Let's Our Folk Prevails 02:54


Tracks 1-8: Revenge of Iron and Thunder 1998
Tracks 8-13: Evil's tracks from the split with Moonblood 1998

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