GODKILLER: The Rebirth of the Middle Ages

GODKILLER : The Rebirth of the Middle Ages GODKILLER
12": 19.90€ (Sold out)
1.(Introduction to the Middle Ages) Hymn for the Black Knights00:37 instrumental
2.(Preparing for the Final Battle) From the Castle in the Fog04:14
3.(On the Way to the Battlefield) Path to the Unholy Frozen Empire06:47
4.(The Final Battle) Blood on My Swordblade04:10
5.(The Triumph) The Neverending Reign of the Black Knights04:41


Single-sided LP with etched design on the B-side.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Ancient Catacombs Studios, February 1996.
All songs written between January and August 1995.

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