GRAVELAND: Cold Winter Blades

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A1In The Morning Mist
A2From The Beginning Of Time
A3White Winged Hussary
A4Spear Of Wotan
A5Dance Of Axes And The Swords
B1Spear Of Wotan
B2Blood Faithful To Soil
B3King Of Aquilonia
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals – Darken*
In the Morning Mist, From the Beginning of Time: recorded in autumn 2009
White Winged Hussary: recorded for compilation Thousand years bond, English version of vocal recorded in March 2010
Spear of Wotan: recorded for compilation Night and Fog vol.3 in 2007, remixed in March 2010
Dance of Axes and the Swords: recorded for album Fire Chariot of Destruction 2005, remixed in March 2010
Spear of Wotan: previously released on Night and Fog vol.3 in 2007
Blood Faithful to Soil: previously released on Eastern Hammer split 2007
King of Aquilonia: previously released on Tribute to the King of Aquilonia split in 2010

Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies.

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Slavonic pagan black metal.
Thrash metal.
Occult Black Metal.
A perfect mix of old school black, death and thrash metal!

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