HYPNOS: The Whitecrow

HYPNOS : The Whitecrow HYPNOS
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Side A
2.Towards Humanity02:16
3.The Whitecrow04:31
4.One Flesh, One Blood05:54
5.Get Inspired by the Light / Discipline of Self-Treatment05:07
6.Sin Collectors03:58
Side B
7.Haereticum Minuet / Rebels Dancing02:21
8.The Gift of Hope05:00
9.About Trust / The Anatomy of Empathy04:54
10.Der Mordschlag / Germanophobe II03:28
12.Too Dark to Shine / Too Young to Die07:54


Recording information:

Recorded at Shaark Studio, Bzenec, Czech Republic in February/March 2016 and at Toproom Studio, Grindvoll, Norway in May 2016.
Mixed and mastered at Toproom Studio, Grindvoll, Norway in April/May 2016.
Petr "Christopher" Kryštof's vocals recorded at Production Studio, Redlands, CA.
Igor Hubík's guitars recorded at Hanz Studio, Brno, Czech Republic.
V. Santura's guitars recorded at Woodshed Studio, Furth, Germany.
Paul Speckmann, Skuny and Zuzana "ZuZa" Lípová vocals recorded at Shaark Studio, Bzenec, Czech Republic.
Martin Missy's vocals recorded at Wolfden Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
Børge Finstad's guitars recorded at Toproom Studio, Grindvoll, Norway.
M. Stedron's keyboards recorded at home studio, Pardubice, Czech Republic.