MARDUK: Nightwing

Label: Osmose
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1. Preludium 02:09 instrumental
2. Bloodtide (XXX) 06:44
3. Of Hell's Fire 05:22
4. Slay the Nazarene 03:49
5. Nightwing 07:35
6. Dreams of Blood and Iron 06:20
7. Dracole Wayda 04:08
8. Kaziklu Bey (The Lord Impaler) 04:02
9. Deme Quaden Thyrane 05:07
10. Anno Domini 1476 02:14


Track 5 is a hidden track and is not mentioned on the rear cover but there are lyrics in the booklet

Divided into two chapters; songs 1-4 is Chapter One: "Dictionnaire Infernal", songs 6-10 are Chapter Two: "The Warlord of Wallachia".The track "Nightwing" is not in the tracklist and part of neither chapter.

All musics and lyrics by Marduk.
Produced by Marduk.

The spoken intro to "Slay The Nazarene" is taken from the 1973 movie The Wicker Man.

"Anno Domini 1476" contains an excerpt from the "Legionary Worker's March", recorded by the Fascist Romanian Iron Guard.

Main riffs of "Nightwing" adapted from the score of the 1991 vampire film "Subspecies". The lyrics are also based on the plot.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed during October/November 1997 at the Abyss studio.

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