MORTEM: De Natura Daemonum

MORTEM : De Natura Daemonum MORTEM
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Mortem - De Natura Daemonum
Released: 13.04.2005
1. Into the Nethermost
2. De Natura Daemonum
3. Black Demons
4. Shadows That Pray to Asurah
5. Qarqacha, Demon of Incest
6. Dead Forms of Evil
7. One With the Dead
8. Illusion of Blood
9. Its Tomb Leads to Hell
10. The Witch
11. Superstition

Guest solos on "Superstition" by Janio Cuadros.

Keyboards on "Qarqacha, Demon of Incest" by Wilber Rosan, Words by Amsducias.

On the back cover the intro for "Superstition", Track 10 "The Witch" is not listed.

Recording information:

Produced by Costa Stoios & MORTEM.
Recorded Jul/Aug 2004 at Audioman Studios, Lima PERU.
Recorded and Engineered by Janio Cuadros.
Mixed by Janio Cuadros Oct 2004.
Mastered by Janio Cuadros at Audioman Studios Nov 2004.

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