RUIN: Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2

RUIN : Plague Transmissions: Vol. 2 RUIN
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1.Into Endless Chasms03:15
3.Crushing Insects04:52
4.Deep Wounds02:43
5.Where Monsters Hide02:54
6.The Weak Will Hang01:58
7.Crushed by Depths of Darkness03:26
8.That Holy Spirit Feeling02:52
9.Orgasmic Catharsis02:21
10.Leaves from the Tree of Death02:57
11.Pulverize Remains03:45
12.I Love Blood04:07
13.Stab Wounds02:27
14.Burnt Bone and Ash04:13
15.Trapped in Relentless Terror04:35
16.Starving Dementia01:57
17.Humiliation at Birth02:57
18.Eternal Curse of Rotten Beings03:37


Tracks 1-4 taken from Ep "Into Endless Chasms" (2018)
Tracks 5-10 taken from Ep "Infested Death" (2020)
Tracks 10-14 taken from Ep "Death Tomb" (2019)
Tracks 15-18 taken from split "Ruin / Anthropic" (2018)

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Death metal.