SEAR BLISS: Decade of Perdition

Label: Red Stream
SEAR BLISS : Decade of Perdition SEAR BLISS
dvd: 11.90€ (Sold out)
1. Arx Idolatriae
2. Far Above The Trees
3. My Journey To The Stars
4. Birth Of Eternity
5. Hell Within
6. Twilight
7. In The Shadow Of Another World
8. Ancient
9. The Pagan Winter
10. 1100 Years Ago

András Nagy - vocals / bass
István Neubrandt - guitars
Csaba Csejtei - guitars
Zoltán Pál - trombone
Zoltán Schönberger - drums

Edited by Norbert Berta. Assisted by András Nagy. Technical assistance by Balázs Vincze.
Cover artwork by Gyula Havancsák.

Chapter I: 10-year anniversary show, filmed in Budapest on the 22nd of February 2004.
Chapter II: A film of the band including interviews, back stage footages, studio recordings, etc.
Chapter III: Photo gallery.

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