THROAT: Blood Exaltation

THROAT : Blood Exaltation THROAT
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Black disc. Pre-orders taken now, release date is June 21.

Side A:
1. Chuc 09:02
2. Klatwa 06:56
Side B:
3. New Flesh Nectar I 08:57
4. New Flesh Nectar II 07:27


Hailing from the always-vibrant Polish black metal scene, THROAT are miasmic morbidity personified. While so many of their domestic contemporaries honor the paradigmatic sounds of the Temple of the Fullmoon, THROAT instead mine a wider, wilder style of black metal that looks both east and south. Theirs is a clanging, crunching sound that variously nods to Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, Hungary's Tormentor, early Samael, and fellow Polish iconoclasts Cultes des Ghoules: catacombed, ancient, unsettling.

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Polish black metal.
Polish black metal.
Silver disc, LTD. 150. Pre-orders taken now, release date is June 21.