TSJUDER: Throne of the Goat

TSJUDER : Throne of the Goat TSJUDER
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Old EP re-recorded + original.

1.Intro (2017 Re-recording)00:53
2.Throne of the Goat (2017 Re-recording)03:58
3.Dying Spirits (2017 Re-recording)05:41
4.Outro (2017 Re-recording)01:19
5.Intro 00:45
6.Throne of the Goat 04:34
7.Dying Spirits 05:29
8.Outro 01:08



The EP will contain both the original tracks as well as a fresh re-recording of all songs and will be released strictly limited and hand-numbered on CD.

Recording information:

Original tracks recorded at Squarefoot Studio during 28-29/11-1997.

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