Pagan Black Metal band from Poland.
Trivia: In the mid nineties Sacrilegium engaged talks with Darkthrone to play a small tour of concerts. These plans were cancelled after the guitarist broke his arm.

SACRILEGIUM items we have:

Anima Lucifera (Pagan digi cd 14.90€10.43€ »
Anima Lucifera (Pagan lp 19.90€13.93€ »
Ritus Transitorius (Hass Weg Productions / Werewolf Promotion lp 19.90€13.93€ »
Sleeptime (Witching Hour lp 19.90€13.93€ »
Sleeptime (Witching Hour digi dcd 16.90€11.83€ »
Wicher (Pagan cd 14.90€10.43€ »
Wicher (Pagan dlp 24.90€17.43€ »