EMPEROR: Emperial Live Ceremony

EMPEROR : Emperial Live Ceremony EMPEROR
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1.Curse You All Men!05:43
2.Thus Spake the Nightspirit04:25
3.I Am the Black Wizards05:34
4.An Elegy of Icaros06:11
5.With Strength I Burn07:48
7.Night of the Graveless Souls03:10
8.Inno a Satana05:07
9.Ye Entrancemperium06:09


Recording information:

Recorded live at LA2, London, UK 14th of May 1999.
Produced and directed by Wildcat Productions.
Mix and overdubs done at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio, August '99.
Mastered at Strype Audio, December '99.