FORGOTTEN TOMB: We Owe You Nothing

Label: Agonia
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1.We Owe You Nothing07:31
2.Second Chances08:11
4.Abandon Everything08:18
5.Longing for Decay06:36
6.Black Overture03:41 instrumental


Recording information:

Recorded initially in some sessions during December, 2016 at the Big Pine Creek Studio in Parma, Italy; due to a car accident that left singer and guitarist Ferdinando Marchisio unable to play for months the recording sessions were resumed and completed in May, 2017 at the SPVN Studio in Milan, Italy.

Lead guitarist Andrea Ponzoni left the band on April, 2017 "on friendly terms due to conflicting schedules" and thus according to the band he didn't take part in the recording of We Owe You Nothing.

Mixed and mastered during June, 2017 at the Planet-Z Studio in Hadley, U.S.A.

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