FUNERAL (FRA): Black Flame of Unholy Hate

FUNERAL (FRA) : Black Flame of Unholy Hate FUNERAL (FRA)
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1.Black Flame of Unholy Hate
2.Coronation in Pure Blasphemy
3.Night and Fog
4.For Resurrection of our Movement
5.A Strife... A Victory
6.For Resurrection of our Movement
7.Ancient Blood
8.Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)
9.The Sign of Evil Existence (Rotting Christ cover)
10.A Strife... A Victory
11.For Resurrection of our Movement
12.Aryan Blood

1-3 : "Black Flame of Unholy Hate" demo, 1995
4 : rehearsal, 1995
5-7 : studio rehearsal, 1995
8 : Live tin Toulon, 10/31/1995
9 : rehearsal, 1995
10-12 : split demo with Osculum Infame, 1996

Recording information:

Recorded in March 1995.