HADES ARCHER: Temple of the Impure

HADES ARCHER : Temple of the Impure HADES ARCHER
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Side A
1.Intro (Ikkibu Ardu)00:57
2.Chaos Teratosis Chimeras03:25
3.The Gods Sold This World for Destruction03:59
4.Circus of Abominations01:49
5.Sex Sex Sex Perversions03:15
6.Great Moon Tide02:43
Side B
7.Hecate Undressed03:43
8.Unus Cantus Bestiae02:49
9.Temple of the Impure06:03
10.Apollyon's Brightness03:20
11.The World Inheritance00:37
12.Outro (Homodeus Abortunction)00:57


Limited to 222 copies, white print on black shells.

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South-American black metal.