IMPALED NAZARENE: Tol Corpt Norz Norz Norz...

Label: Osmose
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1. Apolokia 00:34
2. I Al Purg Vonpo / My Blessing (The Beginning of the End) 02:48
3. Apolokia II: Aikolopa 666 00:10
4. In the Name of Satan 00:45
5. Impure Orgies 00:21
6. Goat Perversion 04:22
7. The Forest (The Darkness) 00:13
8. Mortification / Blood Red Razor Blade 03:26
9. The God (Symmetry of Penis) 01:10
10. Condemned to Hell 03:32
11. The Dog (Art of Vagina) 01:08
12. The Crucified 01:07
13. Apolokia III: Agony 00:22
14. Body-Mind-Soul 03:33
15. Hoath: Darbs Lucifero 01:13
16. Apolokia Finale XXVII A.S. 00:47
17. Damnation (Raping the Angels) 04:22

Total running time 30:00

Album name means "All Shall be Numbered Six Six Six" in the Enochian language, which is supposed to be an angelingal language according to John Dee's journal.

Recorded faraway in pain and misery XXVII Anno Satanas (10/92). Dedicated to P.Murphy and S.C.J. organization

The tracks on the original pressing of this CD were indexed incorrectly by Osmose, thus the songs ''I Al Purg Vonpo'' and ''My Blessing'' are both one track. The Re-releases are also incorrectly indexed, worse than the original, the official Impaled Nazarene site has the track listings in the correct order.

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