Label: Oriana
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Titles translation:
1. I'll Meet You in Ancient Darkness (Intro)
2. Molfa
3. With Chort in My Bosom
4. Spruce Elder
5. Song of the Snowstorm
6. Wolfish Berries
7. In the Boat with Fools
8. Wild Weregild
9. Lyre (Komu Vnyz cover)
10. Black Honey
11. Night of the Gods
12. Where Do the Wreaths Float Down the River? (Outro)

Recording information:

Guitars and bass recorded at OSF studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2013-2016.
Drums recorded at VIPs Records, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2013-2016.
Vocals, bandura, dulcimer and cello recorded at VIP Music Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, autumn 2016.
Keyboards by Hyozt recorded at Old Hyozt Den Studio, Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 2013-2016.
Keyboards by Varggoth recorded at OSF studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2013-2016.
Violin recorded at Iron Still Studio, Kharkiv, Ukraine, November 2014.
Sopilkas, jaw harp and bukkehorn recorded at Morton Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 2016.
Keyboards by Selvans Haruspex recorded at his home studio, Italy, 2016.
Mixed and mastered at Priory Recording Studios, Canwell, Sutton Coldfield, UK, autumn 2016.

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