SABBAT: Sabbatrinity

SABBAT : Sabbatrinity SABBAT
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Produced by Gezol.
Recorded and Mixed at Studio Zen, 2009-2010.
Line-up: Gezol (b/v), Damziell (g), Zorugelion (d).

Released by R.I.P. Records (USA) on CD and LP with metallic artwork (red on
white). Contains "Witch's Torches (Version 1)" (4:06).

Released by Iron Pegasus Records (Germany) on CD and LP with two different cover
artworks (black on red and grey on black). Contains "Witch's Torches (Version
2)" (3:12).

Both "Witch's Torches" versions are different recordings, not remixes.

1.Black Metal Scythe04:01
2.Total Destruction05:29
4.Witch Hammers04:24
5.Northern Satanism03:02
6.Root of Ultimate Evil03:43
7.Ravens Tell04:41
8.Witch's Torches04:05
10.Witch's Weed (Instrumental)02:36

Total playing time 41:39

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