Started off as a symphonic black metal band, but on A.M.G.O.D. they started leading down an experimental electronic/industrial metal path.

By ...and Oceans' 10-year anniversary, the band changed their name to Havoc Unit to signify their change in sound.

The band members have had many different aliases throughout the years, making it difficult to track them. Most of them have been found out and are listed next to the names of the respective members.

Many myths have existed about ...and Oceans due to their eccentric personalities. For example, singer Kenny was long thought to be homosexual, because of his habit of painting his head blue and dancing on stage in a white dress (this part is true) until he personally dispelled it in an interview in 2002. More bizarre is the myth that You (credited as a vocalist on The Symmetry of I, The Circle of O) is a real person and many people actually think there are two singers on that album. Actually, You is Kenny's ventriloquist dummy who is shown (and even labeled) on the back of the insert.

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