Russian pagan folk metal band. Originally known as Hyperborea. Changed name to Arkona in February 2002.

Arkona was the last pagan Slavic city-castle destroyed in 1168 by the crusade lead by Bishop Absalon and King Valdemar the Great of Denmark.

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Возрождение (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Во славу великим! (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Гой, Роде, гой! (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Жизнь во славу... (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Лепта (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
От сердца к небу (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Слово (Sound Age cd 13.90€ »
Стенка на стенку (Sound Age digi mcd 10.90€ »
Khram (Sound Age cd 14.90€ »
Life for Glory (Sound Age dvd 14.90€ »
Night of Veles (Sound Age dvd 14.90€ »
Yav (Sound Age cd 14.90€ »