The band began in April 1987 as an old-school black metal act and slowly changed into electronic/industrial. Xytras was the drummer on all albums until "Passage", at which point he moved over to keyboards and drum programming.

Xy and Vorph are brothers.

Up to "Worship Him", Vorph was known as Vorphalack, and Xy as Xytraguptor. Later on, Vorphalack shortened his name to Vorph, while Xytraguptor became Xytras, and then Xy.

Xytras recorded an album containing classical versions of tracks from the "Passage" album and the "Exodus" EP under his own name.

Samael are now on Nuclear Blast, but only for the USA releases.

Xytras also appeared as a guest in Misery.

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Electronic / Industrial Metal.
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Industrial metal.
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Black metal.