DRUDKH: Slavonic Chronicles

Label: Osmose
DRUDKH : Slavonic Chronicles DRUDKH
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Side A
1.Tam gdzie ga?nie dzie?... (Sacrilegium cover)10:48
Side B
2.Indiánská píse? hr?zy (Master's Hammer cover)05:17


Special re-issue under grey vinyl 10", 350gsm cover, with "raven black" hotfoil on front and back of the cover.

Sacrilegium song "Tam gdzie ga?nie dzie?..." was originally released on the "Jesienne szepty" split album.
Master's Hammer song "Indiánská píse? hr?zy" was originally released on the "Šlágry" full-length album.

Recording information:

Recorded in the summer of 2010 at VITeR Music, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Mastered at Season of Mist Studio, Marseille, France.

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