GORELORD / WURDULAK: Drunk, Damned and Decayed

Label: Red Stream
GORELORD / WURDULAK : Drunk, Damned and Decayed
dvd: 9.90€6.93€ (Sold out)
1. Gorelord - The Stench of Flesh Decomposing (Music Video)
2. Gorelord - Butcher Bob (Music Video)
3. Wurdulak - Sin Eater (Music Video)
4. Wurdulak - Severed Eyes of Possession
5. Wurdulak - Ceremony in Flames (Studio Recording Sessions)
6. Wurdulak - Severed Eyes of Possession (Studio Recording Sessions)

Also contains:

Wurdulk "Uncut" Photo Sessions
Butcher Bob The Movie (Gore Movie)
Kuk a Las Vegas (Short Movie)
Ola (Party Footage)
Behind The Scenes Shenanigans
Two Necrophagia Trailers

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