KHORS: Beyond the Bestial

KHORS : Beyond the Bestial KHORS
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1.?? ?????? ?????????? (Beyond the Bestial)07:12
2.????? ????? ???????????? ????? (Through the Realm of Unborn Stars)06:00
3.???????? ????? ???? (Frigit Obscurity of Soul)05:56 instrumental
4.??????? ?????? (Winterfall)06:08
5.? ???????? ??????? ???? (In the Cold Embrace of Mist)05:25
6.??????? ???????? (Red Mirrors)04:02


Recording information:

"Beyond the bestial" written, arranged and composed in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2018.
Except tracks 4-6 was written, arranged and composed in Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2007-2008.
Drums recorded in Joncofy Base, Kiev, Ukraine, August, 2018.
Engineered by Alexander Kasiarum.
All guitars and bass recorded in Jurgis Home Studio, summer - autumn 2018.
Engineered by Jurgis.
Vocals recorded in VIPS Studio, september 2018.
Engineered by Alexey Barsukov and Vlad Annenkov.
Mixed and mastered in Tyrant Studio, Kiev, Ukraine, spring 2018.
Engineered by Warkhoros.
All music and lyrics created by KHORS.
Produced by KHORS.

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