R.U. DEAD?: Dead But Alive

R.U. DEAD? : Dead But Alive R.U. DEAD?
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Disc 1
Side A
1.When Your Heart Turns Black
2.Horrid Tomorrow
4.And the Moon Whispers
Side B
5.A Thought Before the Kill
6.One Past Zero
7.Profession of Faith
8.The Tombs Have Not Been Sealed

Disc 2
Side A
1.Scream Hatred
2.Mind Funeral / Lurking Fear
4.Omega / Insane 666
Side B
5.Mind Funeral / Lurking Fear
6.When Your Heart Turns Black
7.Horrid Tomorrow

Side A:
Tracks 1-4 taken from the Nothing Will Be Forgiven EP '95
Side B:
Tracks 1-3 taken from the A Thought Before the Kill EP '96
Track 4 taken from the Hypnos EP '92
Side C:
Track 1 taken from Demo '92
Track 4 taken from the "....Simply Dead" Demo '90
Track 2-3 taken from the Individual Horror demo '91
Side D:
R.U. Dead? Live anno '96