Speed/Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal/Rock (1990s) band from USA.
Megadeth was formed in late 1983 when Dave Mustaine (formerly of Metallica) threw a potted plant through the window of David Ellefson's apartment because Ellefson was practicing his bass too loud. When the band was formed Dijion Carruthers was their drummer and Greg Handevidt on guitars. They quickly replaced Carruthers with drummer Lee Rausch, recorded a demo and secured a few gigs in the San Francisco Bay area in February, 1984. Handevidt was fired for incompetence (he later formed Kublai Khan) They quickly found second guitarist Kerry King (Slayer), who played Megadeth's first three gigs: February 15th, 18th, and 19th, of 1984.

The band name was selected from a term referring to a million casualties, as a result of Nuclear Fallout. It was coined in 1953 by RAND military strategist Herman Kahn. The extra "a" was dropped by the band. The name Fallen Angel was considered, as it was the name of a short-lived Dave Mustaine/Matt Kisselstein (bass) project in 1983.

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