SABBAT / LUCERA: Japanguanos Chocha's Attack

SABBAT / LUCERA : Japanguanos Chocha's Attack
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1.Lucera - Pure Ass04:15
2.Lucera - Unholy Colombian Curving Cock03:10
3.Lucera - By Beelzebub's Balls04:22
4.Lucera - Satan's Nation03:14
5.Lucera - Muñequiado05:02
6.Lucera - Danny Queer04:47
7.Lucera - Cum Face04:48
8.Lucera - Chocha & Cock02:48
9.Lucera - Bazuquero03:52
10.Sabbat - Pentagramized02:07
11.Sabbat - Possession of the Reaper03:28
12.Sabbat - 13 Candles08:18
13.Sabbat - Bowray Zamurai06:05
14.Sabbat - Kiss of Lilleth04:24
15.Sabbat - In Satan We Trust (live)04:19
16.Sabbat - In League with Devils (live)04:41


Lucera tracks are re-recorded tracks, coming from the Blackzuco, Pure Ass and Goatrronea albums.

Sabbat tracks "Pentagramized" and "13 Candles" are extracts from The Dwelling album, respectively at 02:53 and 20:16. "Bowray Zamurai" is the Japanese version.

Recording information:

Recorded and produced by Lucera in 2014.

Tracks 10, 12: recorded and mixed at Vial Sound Engineering Ltd, 1996. Taken from The Dwelling album.
Track 11: recorded and mixed at I.M.I Lights, 2003. Taken from the Karmagmassacre album.
Track 13: recorded and mixed at I.M.I Lights, 1999. Taken from the Karisma album. New version intro edited by Ophicvs.
Track 14: recorded and mixed at I.M.I Lights, 2000. Taken from the Satanasword album.
Tracks 15-16: recorded live in Huck Finnland, 2008.